weight ratio

weight ratio

Dictionary of automotive terms. 2015.

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  • Weight ratio — is a measurement of propulsion power, often applied to automobiles. Weight ratio consists of the GVWR of the automobile divided by its engine power, often measured in horsepower. Lower weight ratios generally signify greater propulsive power …   Wikipedia

  • weight ratio — unit of weight, basic unit for measuring the force of weight …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Thrust-to-weight ratio — is, as its name suggests, the ratio of instantaneous thrust to weight (where weight means weight at the Earth’s surfaceSutton (7th edition pg 442) thrust to weight ratio F/Wg is a dimensionless parameter that is identical to the acceleration of… …   Wikipedia

  • Power-to-weight ratio — (specific power) is a calculation commonly applied to engines and other mobile power sources to enable the comparison of one unit or design to another. Power to weight ratio is a measurement of actual performance of any engine or power sources.… …   Wikipedia

  • power to weight ratio — See power to weight ratio …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • thrust-weight/thrust/weight ratio — The ratio of the maximum sea level static installed thrust to aircraft weight. It is one of the combat performance attributes that gives an idea of the maneuverability of a combat aircraft. This ratio is generally greater than one in air… …   Aviation dictionary

  • power-to-weight ratio — The relationship of a vehicle s horsepower to the weight of a vehicle. The greater the horsepower is in relation to the weight of the car, the faster the car will go and the faster it will accelerate …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • body-weight ratio — body weight in grams divided by stature in centimeters …   Medical dictionary

  • Ratio — This article is about the mathematical concept. For the Swedish institute, see Ratio Institute. For the academic journal, see Ratio (journal). For the philosophical concept, see Reason. For the legal concept, see Ratio decidendi. The ratio of… …   Wikipedia

  • ratio — A fixed relationship between things in number, quantity or degree. For example, if the fuel mixture contains one part of gas for fifteen parts of air, the ratio would be 15 to 1. See a/f ratio a/f ratio air fuel ratio air fuel ratio air ratio… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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